Toastmater Lionel Rose

The Benefits


Why engage a Toastmaster at your wedding ?Lionel-Rose-Picture-3-192x300

His responsibilities extend far beyond simply announcing the meal and would include such activities as:

What does a Toastmaster actually do ?

It enables the Host and Hostess and Bride and Bridegroom to relax, freeing them from worries and anxieties so that they may enjoy their big day and be guests at their own function

Meeting with the Bride & Bridegroom well before the day to ensure that their personal wishes and instructions are carried out on the day.

Arriving at the venue well before the Bridal Party to ensure that everything is in order and complies with their wishes.

Co-ordinating timings and all activities with the Banqueting Manager.
Ensuring that the Photographer and Videographer are in position to capture every important moment.Meeting and Greeting the Bridal Party and Guests on arrival.

Arranging the Receiving Line (if required) Liaising with the Host, Bridegroom and Best Man, advising on their speeches.

Announcing the Wedding Breakfast and introducing the Bride and Bridegroom into the room and leading them to the top table.

Organising and announcing the cake cutting ceremony.

Introducing the Speechmakers and assisting with presentations (where applicable)

Announcing the first dance (optional)

Giving the Bride and Bridegroom a special send off (optional)

Handling any emergency that might arise and carrying out special instructions that might be required

Isn’t this all a bit formal ?

Not at all!

Your wedding reception can be as formal or informal as you and your family want and a good Toastmaster will ensure that your wishes are carried out accordingly.

Don’t forget ifs not a rehearsal- you don’t get a second chance to get it right!

The most important thing is that your celebration proceeds without a hitch enabling you to relax and enjoy the day.

Retaining me will ensure that all this will happen.