Toastmater Lionel Rose

A Toastmaster

What is a Toastmaster?

Lionel-Rose-Wedding-Photo-1-300x199The Toastmaster is a traditional part of the British banqueting scene With his red coat he stands out in
the crowd as he diplomatically guides and controls the participants.

Watching a Toastmaster in action, most people think that he is just a person in a red coat who bangs a
gavel and makes announcements.

The modern toastmaster acts as your Stage Manager ensuring that your celebration runs smoothly – the
announcements are often the only visible signs to indicate his presence.

It is his continuous attention to detail and skilled liaison throughout the function that ensures it flows to perfection. He oversees the entire range of activities, co-ordinating and managing every type of function whatever the degree of formality – be it wedding, anniversary, dinner, dinner dance, reception, charity ball, product launch or conference. In addition to the high degree of sensitivity needed to handle difficult situations, the professional toastmaster’s expertise encompasses the entire breadth of knowledge relating to the protocol required to run a successful function.